Vivi Rebola


Our Vivi wines are dedicated to Valeria Vivian, wife of Roberto Mascarin, who shared with him the realization of the "San Valentino" dream. From her initials, there is an exhortation to life and a quote to the character of Wonder Woman.

This figure was often associated with Valeria, in fact both were joined by the same great strength with which they have always faced life.

  • Wine: White
  • Exposition: South - South/Est
  • Altitude: 150 m asl
  • Production area: Covignano hills, Rimini, Italy
  • Grape variety: Grechetto Gentile
  • Planting density: 5.000/ha
  • Nursing system: Espalier, guyot pruning
  • Soil composition: Calcareous clay
  • Wineyard average age: 10 years
  • Yeld per vinestock: 2,2 lb
  • Pruning - Binding - Defoliation: By hand
  • Spreading - Harvest: By hand
  • Fermentation: Aging in cement and clay jar on the fine lees for 8 months with periodical batonage, aged in bottle for 8/9 months
  • Alcohol level: 14%
  • Production in bottles: 4.500 Magnum: 120
  • Vinification: Natural fermentation in steel with yeasts
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