About us

San Valentino winery was born on a pre-existing post-war wine settlement, about which, however, little is known. In the 1990s Giovanni Mascarin bought the entire farm from the Nanni family.

Only in 1997 Roberto Mascarin, Giovanni’s son, together with his wife Valeria, decided to take care of the estate, driven by the passion for the fruits of the earth and above all by the belief that Colle di Covignano had climate and soil conditions capable of expressing great wines, thus giving an important turning point to reach prestigious goals in a short time.

In these years Scabi, Terra di Covignano and Luna Nuova were born, the labels that will make the history of the winery.

The development of the winery continued rapidly until 2017, when Roberto Mascarin lost his Valeria for a terrible illness, to which he dedicated "Vivi", the most iconic wine of the company.

In that difficult time Roberto decided not to remain alone at the head of the company, but to have other business partners at his side.Since the end of 2022 a new managing director, the entrepreneur Gianluca Marchetti, has been joining to Roberto at the head of the company.

The new team wants to make a further leap forward and reorganize the location in order to welcome with greater elegance the many visitors attracted by the events and above all by the quality of the wines.The company has been a landmark of the territory for years and it boasts international scores among the highest in Romagna.