An esplosion of changes!


Sangiovese is absolutely the protagonist of the Romagna territory. It is a wine that directly expresses every aspect of the territory, without losing its personality.
Rebola, which has become the queen of the Rimini Riviera, is a native wine from the hills of Rimini which with its aromas and flavor evokes the freshness and uniqueness of its territory kissed by the sea breeze.


Our Vivi wine is dedicated to Valeria Vivian, wife of Roberto Mascarin, who shared with him the realization of the "San Valentino" dream. From her initials, there is an exhortation to life and a quote to the character of Wonder Woman.
This figure was often associated with Valeria, in fact both were joined by the same great strength with which they have always faced life.

The Uniques

The highest expression of our terroir through two international vines. Cabernet Franc and Syrah, two wines produced in purity that make our company unique in the Rimini area.

The Specialty

The art of waiting gives its fruits.